We are closed on the Kinkerstraat but we are working on a new concept next door at the Tollenstraat 64!

Unfortunately, Covid was not kind to us, just like many of our colleagues. After doing business for 20 years on the Kinkerstraat, we closed in 2019 for some necessary renovations. In order to receive Corona compensation from the government, we had to show a loss of revenues in 2020 compared with 2019. As we (obviously) could not show this, we were excluded from all of the financial compensation packages. This led us to have to sell the Kinkersraat location. We still have the location next door on the Tollenstraat 64 and are working on a new concept there. Stay tuned for news!

Welcome to the new Gary’s Deli!

Established in 1993 and serving customers on the Kinkerstraat since 1998, Gary’s Deli has been newly renovated and now offers a delicious all-day brunch. Many of the bagel favorites are still on the menu but there is now a dazzling selection of egg benedict dishes, salads, sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, and more.  Fresh-squeezed orange juice and lemonades are served, as well as cocktails mocktails, wine, and beer. The dark-roast coffee is fair-trade and we offer real tea in teapots.

Gary’s Deli, like delis in the States where Gary grew up, is a place where everybody can feel welcome and where the food that is served is good and plentiful. Gary’s is a bit upscale but still unpretentious.

Gary’s has two spaces right next to each other: the restaurant on Kinkerstraat 140 and the Deli on the Tollenstraat 64 (opening soon).

Join us for genuine food and drinks in a friendly atmosphere with an abundance of character.